Arcserve: Simple and Unified Data Protection

Mike Crest, CEO The spring of 2015 witnessed numerous organizations across the country reduced to being mute spectators as their data was held hostage by the CryptoLocker virus. They watched helplessly when threatened that their data would be destroyed if exorbitant ransom demands were not met. “The affected parties had either insufficient backups in place or none at all,” recalls Mike Crest, CEO of Arcserve—a leading provider of next-generation data protection solutions. “In fact, an Arcserve customer was struck by the virus too. It could have been a catastrophic data loss had they not had backups in place—they did.”

“We’ve protected critical business data for 25 years,” prides Crest. The company surfaced in the 90s as Cheyenne Software and quickly rose to prominence with a series of cutting-edge product launches. Today, Arcserve has successfully emerged as an independent, private data protection company under the ownership of Marlin Equity Partners. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Arcserve has a vastly diversified customer base of 43,000 end users in more than 150 countries, ranging from Education, Managed IT Services, and Chemical Manufacturers to Financial Services, Retail, Government, and more. Keeping the demands of such varied clients in mind, “We built out our portfolio of data protection technologies with an eye toward flexibility, scalability, and ease-of-use,” says Crest.

Arcserve was the first to market, with a unified data protection solution that offered comprehensive features and functionality, including industry-proven backup, replication, high availability, and true global de-duplication—all managed from a single pane of glass. “We called it Arcserve Unified Data Protection, or Arcserve UDP, and launched it first as a software, and then as a physical appliance,” discloses Crest.

All-in-One Solution for Cloud, Virtual, and Physical Environments

Arcserve UDP is easy to use and does not require expensive professional services to offer a seamless solution from endpoint to remote archive site. The solution helps organizations deliver on Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs and RTOs) while optimizing existent resources. “The unified management console can manage and deploy across multiple sites, deliver agent-less backups of VMware/ Hyper-V virtual machines,” cites Crest. “It supports Windows and Linux physical machines as well as tape migration of disk images.” It provides flexibility to design a data protection strategy that fits unique needs while unifying data protection technologies in one solution.

Arcserve UDP is easy to install, deploy and manage. As a service extension to Arcserve UDP platform, the company offers Arcserve Cloud, a next-generation solution that leverages global de-duplication, encryption, compression, and WAN-optimized replication. The service is based on the protected capacity of the UDP platform and stores a configurable number of daily, weekly, and monthly backups for one base price. “While developing UDP, we placed special premium on Cloud and Arcserve Backup,” professes Crest.

With Arcserve Backup, organizations have access to easy-to-use tools that reduce management time, and innovative technology that makes data protection simple

Arcserve Backup delivers businesses sound data protection with centralized management irrespective of the complexity of data or the infrastructure, all this at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

Sound Data Protection with Centralized Management

With Arcserve Backup, users can significantly reduce backup storage and regain precious time as it combines everything from data de-duplication, integrated backup copy to public cloud storage, and granular restoration of applications such as Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint to infrastructure visualization and archiving—for both physical and virtual servers.

With organizations having to manage increasingly vast volumes of information from applications, versions and growing numbers of virtualized servers, there is a new emphasis on improving data management efficiency. “With Arcserve Backup, organizations have access to easy-to-use tools that reduce management time, and ensure staff productivity along with business continuity,” asserts Crest. One beneficiary of this functionality of the solution was the Irish Dairy Board.

The $2.44 billion revenue generating retail and distribution commercial co-operative, comprising of 36 member manufacturers and dairies, wanted to fortify business continuity and staff productivity, ensuring documents and data remained easily accessible, even if they have been archived, accidentally deleted or corrupted. By migrating to the latest version of Arcserve Backup, the client seamlessly backed up and restored data across their 40 virtual and physical servers. The solution also reduced backup times satisfactorily and enabled the client to perform both the backup and restore process with maximum efficiency. The resulting fast and simple recovery management not only reduced the risk of data loss for the Irish Dairy Board but has also immensely improved staff productivity.

Arcserve Backup supports Windows, UNIX, and Linux environments. Its modular architecture enables users to start small and grow as per need, adding modules to provide additional levels of protection without having to learn a new product or buy another solution. Use of high-performance, non-disruptive backup, and restore operations lend a hand in meeting specific needs of mission-critical information and data assets.

Injecting New Functionalities

“Users can now protect the latest Windows 10 and VMware vSphere 6.0 operating system platforms with the new features embedded in our solution,” states Crest.
Arcserve Backup Client Agent for Windows, Open Files and Virtual Machines now support backup of Microsoft Windows 10 desktop workstation while Arcserve Agentless Backup for VMware supports backup of Windows 10 virtual machines using vSphere 6.0. The new functionalities empower the solution to discover and protect virtual machines running on vSphere ESXi 6.0 U1 and vSphere vCenter Server 6.0 U1 servers. Arcserve Backup ships VDDK 6.0.1 with every Agent for Virtual Machine installation, and this VDDK version adds support for new features of vSphere 6.0 such as Virtual Volumes and newer VM hardware versions. “We support vSphere versions 5.1 and above (VDDK 6.0.1) and have introduced a new feature to back up full de-duplicated/ compressed RPS data stores directly to tape.

Tape Backup isn’t Dead

“We have been performing tape backup for over two decades. Hence, it gives me immense pleasure to realize this medium of backup is back in the game and how,” says Crest. High-capacity storage mediums like magnetic tape are experiencing a massive resurgence to IT departments with the skyrocketing data demands. As the preferred choice for generations, tape, for a while there, seemed to take a backseat to more popular disk and cloud-based alternatives. “Innovations in media density, performance, and reliability coupled with a broader realization that data durability trumps just about every other form of business continuity problems, has bestowed tape a place in the hybrid data center,” extols Crest. Tape backup is not a panacea, but as a tried and tested technology, has a pivotal role to play in ensuring the durability of an organization’s data. “From Tape to Cloud, every single embedded functionality has added value to our solution, specifically in preventing data loss and mitigating risk of lost sales, service, and brand loyalty,” adds Crest.

Safeguarding against Expensive Downtime

Reducing system downtime is imperative to the functioning of any business. Downtime doesn’t respect office hours; hence, reducing the impact of unplanned outages is where Arcserve High Availability delivers. The solution supports Windows, UNIX, and Linux environments. “One key feature of the solution is that it is embedded with real-time LAN and WAN data replication which provides data protection onsite, offsite, and in the cloud.”

"Users can now protect the latest Windows 10 and VMware vSphere 6.0 operating system platforms with the new features embedded in Arcserve Backup"

Many organizations underestimate the importance of the ease of availability of backed-up data just as they ignore the true cost of data loss— and their data protection environments reflect that calculus. “We wanted to know how organizations were protecting against threats to their data—and their degree of confidence in recovering it, should the worst happen,” says Crest. The survey conducted by Arcserve revealed that almost 50 percent of those surveyed couldn’t quantify the cost of a data loss event. “If there’s one thing we can say with confidence, it’s this: The cost of data loss prevention is nearly always less expensive than an actual data loss event,” states Crest. “There is no alternative for data protection and Arcserve’s innovative technology simplifies it.”


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Mike Crest, CEO

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