Carbonite [NASDAQ: CARB]: Recovering Data with Automatic Cloud-Based Backup

Mohamad Ali, President and CEO
Data protection has evolved over the past few years. With the wide use of big data in organizations and enterprises, data protection solutions have to address to multiple growing challenges. Organizations are gradually abandoning legacy backups like tape backup, network and disk attached storage, writeable and re-writeable optical media which are ill suited for today’s IT environments. These legacy backups take time to restore and replicate data and the backups are often incomplete or fail completely. A large amount of capital is wasted on additional storages, software licenses, and personnel to manage the risk of information loss. CIO’s are looking out for data backup solutions that are cost-efficient, scalable, up to date and save from catastrophic data loss during a time of crisis. A Boston based firm, Carbonite [NASDAQ: CARB], is solving the problems of the CIO’s to a large extent by delivering an automatic cloud-based backup and recovery system to avoid high cost of data loss. “Carbonite has superior technology as embodied in a powerful yet simple approach,” states Mohamad Ali, President and CEO, Carbonite. The company’s innovative solutions protect clients’ data and make them useful and available to them.

The organization offers both business and personal solutions. Business solutions include computer and server backup. Carbonite Pro is a backup workstation that helps businesses of all sizes to prevent accidental deletion of important data by automatically backing up computer files without human intervention. Files are backed up offsite to Carbonite's secure cloud and incremental backups capture any changes to the new or existing files. The user-friendly Carbonite dashboard makes data recovery possible in a short span of time to any piece of hardware during downtime. The backup protects unlimited number of computers, external hard drives (EHD) and network attached storage in the cloud. A single subscription of the solution includes free mobile apps for sharing file anytime and anywhere to access work data.

Our goal is to offer innovative solutions where the clients’ data is always protected, available and useful

In the personal solution, Cloud Backup 101, data files are encrypted in solution server before being sent out and the server which provides a backup when a disaster strikes and recovers files without missing a beat. Carbonite's cloud back up is cost efficient and offers a wide array of plans and helps in restoration of important documents like term papers and tax returns. Besides, it also enables back up of personal files like photos, videos, documents, email, music and multiple other files. Personal Prime customers get the additional benefit of their back up files shipped to them anywhere in the U.S. with the organization's Courier Recovery service.

In one instance, Carbonite assisted a client in the real estate domain from Tallahasse with its backup solutions. The easy-to-use and automatic backup solution helped the client to restore data in times of crisis and leverage business.

Carbonite envisions of supporting more customers and ensuring that their data is protected, available and useful. The firm, recently completed the acquisition of the North America cloud-based business continuity and disaster recovery assets of EVault, a backup and recovery provider which is a subsidiary of Seagate Technology [NASDAQ: STX]. With the growth of cloud backup solutions expected to largely effect industries, the combined Carbonite and Evault portfolio positions Carbonite to excel in the Small and Medium Business (SMB) data protection and continue to drive business in the market.


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Mohamad Ali, President and CEO

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