Fortitude Technology, Inc.: A Full-Scale Backup of the Business

Kevin Johnson, President and John Raneri, Vice President
What began as a tropical depression over the Bahamas on August 23, 2005, left a deep impact in the U.S. history. After a few days of Katrina’s merciless rage, the real effect began dawning on the economy. There was, however, one company that stood strong throughout the storm, providing a breath of relief for customers who had entrusted them with mission-critical data. Founded in 2004, Fortitude Technology, Inc., which was then supporting large ERP applications and databases for their customers, gave a safe haven for customers’ infrastructures in their cloud environment.

Today, the company delivers robust backup and disaster recovery (DR) solutions, revolving around the underlying tenets of trust and reliability—ensuring that customers can focus on their actual business. “One of our folks came up with a succinct tagline: ‘We keep you in business.’ I believe it echoes our customer-centric approach and our ability to understand a client’s business and what they wish to accomplish,” says Kevin Johnson, president, Fortitude Technology.

The company delivers backup, DR, hosting, and desktop as a service with a bid to transcend the role of a data repository. To that end, Fortitude partners with Advanced Systems Group (, who works jointly with Fortitude’s customers providing world-class design and consulting services, setting up a full-scale DR and business continuity plan, defining recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives.

Fortitude’s backup and DR solutions are made available to customers in partnership with renowned DR software companies like Veeam. Fortitude also offers a hosting environment for their customers to schedule failure and recovery tests while ensuring business continuity in the event of a catastrophic event.

The close-knit model adopted by Fortitude helps them understand the intricate details of customer requirements, all the way from budget constraints and compliance requirements to every entity of the infrastructure that is crucial and indispensable to a business.

The close-knit model adopted by Fortitude Technology helps them understand the intricate details of customer requirements

From then on, Johnson’s team proceeds to define security protocols, access control parameters, and business KPIs to build a complete picture of a backup and DR environment that can be presented back to the boardroom. Data is encrypted during the transfer across a VPN connection or the customer’s own dedicated network in block level modules that is network-friendly. Utilizing Veeam, Fortitude creates local backups of servers and workstations as well as a copy to the Fortitude Cloud repository for virtual and physical Windows and Linux machines. Fortitude is a certified cloud repository for Veeam enabling the best practice of 3-2-1 data protection.

The all-out backup services provided by Fortitude proved valuable to a customer whose facility and systems were compromised by the actions of a disgruntled employee. To reclaim their business schedule, Fortitude Technology worked on restoring the client’s backed-up data at the Fortitude facility, while allowing them to continue running their business without disruptions.

Johnson likens Fortitude Technology’s philosophy to that of a trusted advisor that not just provides a point and click service but also works with its customers in times of crisis. “It is not just our employees who understand the stress of a customer making a 2 AM phone call when things are not going well for them. We partner with technology providers who share this value of listening to customers,” adds John Raneri, vice president of Fortitude. In the road ahead, the company plans to expand their footprint through referrals and their partner ecosystem. Fortitude Technology provides customers a sense of fortitude during the hour of crisis and beyond.

Fortitude Technology, Inc

San Diego, CA

Kevin Johnson, President and John Raneri, Vice President

Fortitude Technology delivers data backup, disaster recovery, and hosted cloud environments as a service

Fortitude Technology, Inc