Atempo: Seamless Data Backup, Migration, and Restore

Luc d’Urso, CEO There is no predefined recipe for disaster. But here is a tough but honest truth: implementing a sound business continuity plan to recover in times of disaster—both natural and man-made—is what will keep organizations afloat. Enterprises live and die by the efficacy of their backup strategies and by the integrity of their data. Since 1992, Atempo’s technological DNA has empowered customers to fully protect and fully recover all their data. Backup is as relevant as ever, and Atempo now occupies the role of a leading independent European-based software vendor for data management software products, which preserve, protect and archive corporate digital assets.

The last two decades have seen thousands of customers on all continents adopt genuine backup and recovery solutions from Atempo. The Paris-based firm offers business continuity solutions to secure and preserve essential business data for a wide variety of critical applications, all physical and virtual systems, and essential file data. “One of the biggest strengths of Atempo is the choice that we give to our customers, in terms of compatibility and a choice of data storage destination. We let users decide what they are going to do with their data,” asserts Luc d’Urso, CEO, Atempo.

Balancing Data Security and Accessibility

No industry stands still, and this is also true of backup software. Atempo, alongside its core data protection solutions, is at the forefront of key industry developments. Driving this need for change are exploding data volumes and requirements for increased data availability. Atempo created ADA ten years ago to help companies archive, protect, and store huge volumes of unstructured data. Intuitive retrieval interfaces and multi-platform support and innovative data movement and management capacities meant Atempo saw rapid and widespread success notably in the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry. The digital boom seen in the movie industry over the last five to ten years including the rise of 3D, HD, and 4K has put intense pressure on post-production companies to rethink their data storage and protection needs. Atempo rose to the occasion and now works with many Hollywood majors providing them with cost-effective management of their image assets workflows. Based on scalable and open architecture, ADA seamlessly fits into an organization’s storage infrastructure tape, disk, object, and cloud.

Outperforming Competitors with True Expertise

A customer story to illustrate how Atempo meets regulatory compliance and prevents data loss.

One of the biggest strengths of Atempo is the choice that we give to our customers, in terms of compatibility and a choice of data storage destination

The National Film Board of Canada (NFB)—a Canadian public film and digital media producer and distributor was struggling in making its media records accessible for viewing and content repurposing and storing digital content of exponential volumes that only kept growing. NFB was looking for a solution that would improve the accessibility of records in digital formats, including new media, restore of deteriorated works, as well as digitally preserving the extensive NFB collection. Today ADA preserves NFB’s 70 years of priceless digital history and will ensure stability and clarity for future projects. NFB recently signed a ten-year extension to their Atempo contract after ten successful years together. “We have always been an innovative company as we are agile, and we have demonstrated quality and insight while dealing with the technical issues of our customers. We pay attention to being integrated with every ecosystem where we do business, and this is something that is of utmost importance to us,” explains Herve Collard, VP Marketing, Atempo.

Future-Proof Roadmap

Petabyte-scale levels of data may have been the sole domain of the M&E sector in 2009. This is patently not the case in 2019. More and more organizations are hitting and exceeding these levels. Research, fintech, IoT, space, petrol and gas exploration are just some of the sectors creating thousands of terabytes of new unstructured data every day. Atempo’s ADA solution now caters for other sectors. We can cite the example of the University of Lausanne, a major research pole in Switzerland. Research staff generates millions of small microscope image files each only a few KBs in size. In total, UNIL needs to back up data from two replicated Isilon NAS to EMC object storage. ADA and its scalable data moving capacity today manages over 1.2 PB of data. Rapid backup times and conservation of ACLs were vital to this customer. ADA covers all bases and ensures file-level recovery and disaster recovery are handled by this single tool. No other data movement company was able to come close to Atempo’s response.

Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond, we will see data volumes rise from 33 zettabytes today globally to 175 zettabytes in 2025 (Source IDC). That’s a 61 percent year-on-year increase and just storing this amount of data will be a genuine industrial challenge.

It is a challenge that Atempo is already meeting full on. Extracting value from unstructured data, machine learning, and AI will be at the heart of many business drivers. Ensuring big data is available for analysis and value extraction will be crucial for many. Handling data in the petabyte, exabyte, and zettabyte era will require innovative hardware technology, from silicon chips to network layer and storage management. It will also come from software which enables us to protect, move, synchronize, and copy billions of files and petabytes of data both locally and remotely. Including to tape which will continue to be a reasonably-priced target for offline or nearline data. The cloud cannot handle all requirements alone.

Introducing MIRIA

Atempo announces the arrival of their disruptive technology platform: MIRIA.

Built on ADA’s data moving and management platform, MIRIA is a software-driven approach which extends the range of service to customers. On the back of ADA’s considerable success in moving and managing very large volumes of data, MIRIA will continue to archive and back up. It will also enable petabyte-scale NAS backups to multiple storage targets, NAS synchronization, and NAS-to-NAS data migrations and copies. “In 2019, MIRIA will be a go-to solution for all industries because no industry will be able to avoid investing in tools for managing massive data sets,” affirms Luc d’Urso.

"In 2019, MIRIA will be a go-to solution for all industries because no industry will be able to avoid investing in tools for managing massive data sets"

Atempo has a sales and support network of over 100 resellers, partners, and managed service providers (MSPs) serving customers globally. Growing at a tremendous pace with a concrete plan to continue expansion in North America, Atempo is focused on enhancing its go-to-market strategy, its product offering and solutions around big data and unstructured data protection, movement, and migration. To deliver top-notch solutions to its customers, Atempo aims at developing more partnerships and creating a partner ecosystem to complement its products with state-of-the-art technology. “Looking further into the future, Atempo aims to add more capabilities to its solutions to make them more seamless. The arrival of MIRIA will be the new standard for managing huge datasets, particularly unstructured data,” states Luc d’Urso.


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Luc d’Urso, CEO

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