Assured Data Protection: A Managed Services Approach to Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Stacy Hayes, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President
IT experts say that more than 90 percent of companies lack a truly effective disaster recovery (DR) plan. Without consistent and thorough data backup (BU) processes, even simple hardware failures or power outages can halt business productivity, lead to permanent data loss and often produce revenue declines. Given the critical role data plays across the enterprise, why aren’t business continuity objectives seizing a higher priority? In most cases, the answer lies with lack of resources, not lack of importance. With IT assets already stretched -- from staffing to technology infrastructure to budget, many IT managers are looking outside their organization for an outsourced approach to taking BU and DR off their plate.

One prominent managed service provider (MSP) specializing in data management, backup and recovery is Assured Data Protection. The Company exclusively leverages the Rubrik platform (a market leader in the cloud data management space) to offer ground-breaking “Rubrik as a Service” (RUaaS) approach to BU and DR. RUaaS allows IT executives to gain all the benefits of the Rubrik platform without the planning, implementation and ongoing data management. Instead, Assured’s team of experts do all the work and maintain it 24/7. IT directors enjoy exceptionally quick setup times, easy to use data management tools, faster data recovery times and overall impressive cost savings with a pay-as-you-go approach. Simply stated, Assured eliminates the complexity, expense and time typically needed to handle backup and recovery in-house.

Steve Billingsley, IT Manager at Bartlett Cocke, a 60-year-old, $750 million general contracting firm based in Texas, examined the Rubrik software and gave it the highest marks for data backup and business continuity features. But his IT staff, already stretched, lacked the bandwidth to add Rubrik to their plate. “We simply did not have the resources to do it alone,” Mr. Billingsley commented. His team chose to outsource this function to Assured.

Assured Data Protection: Rubrik’s First and Largest MSP

Among Assured’s wide-ranging credentials is the more than 100 years of collective team experience in delivering Rubrik as a managed service. As Rubrik’s largest MSP for the past five years, the team’s exceptional product expertise is second to none. Their knowledge stems from continuous commitment toward understanding the latest features and capabilities of Rubrik’s products and serving as a two-way street between its clients and Rubrik. “We communicate the improvements, changes and new features to our customers that Rubrik develops while at the same time serving as a conduit for feedback to Rubrik from our customers,” remarks Stacy Hayes, EVP Americas, Assured.

The Company was recently recognized as the first MSP to be named a Rubrik Authorized Support Partner (RASP). The RASP specialization conveys exclusive status to a small group of high-performing Rubrik partners underscoring their success in delivering Rubrik’s world-class support. Assured Data Protection has demonstrated a proven track record in delivering level one and level two technical support consistently over time, thereby earning this sought-after credential. “The RASP network represents a carefully curated extension of our own team,” explains Giri Iyer, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Customer Support for Rubrik. We are pleased to include Assured Data Protection in this elite group.”

Companies of all sizes and across all industries trust Assured Data Protection to manage data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity on an outsourced basis levering the Rubrik platform as a managed service

Rubrik as a Service (RUaaS)

RUaaS improves an organization’s data protection experience by freeing up internal IT resources for strategic initiatives instead of day-to-day data backup and recovery activities. “While data protection is not sexy, it’s critical and we’re completely confident that we’re in good hands with Assured,” remarked Mr. Billingsley.

The Assured managed service offering for disaster recovery functions has several enterprise-grade features such as customer runbook automation, application boot-order automation, dedicated resources and disaster recovery testing and invocation tools. This allows clients to recover the servers, applications and data online with minimum disruption in the event of a significant IT failure.

Wolverine Solutions Group IT Director Larry Lebert praised the speed, efficiency and completeness of the outsourced disaster recovery implementation by Assured, saying “that Monday at 11:00 we started the process of bringing up our environment and by 5:00 everything we wanted to see was there,” enabling the first full disaster recovery in the cloud.

“When data backup takes too much time and requires increasing numbers of staff hours each day to maintain, savvy IT managers seek paths to take BU and DR off their plate,” adds Mr. Hayes. “Whether your business is fully on-premises, on the journey to the cloud or fully cloud-based, our services are flexible and can be tailored to your changing business requirements,” he added.

Assured eliminates the need for backup and search servers, disk backup and tape archives. This integrated backup service combines data orchestration and deduplication that stops the formation of excessive copies of data and significantly decreases storage capacity requirements and associated cost.

Assured’s Global Client Reach

More than 250 enterprises across the U.S. and abroad have selected Assured to manage their backup and disaster recovery in the RUaaS model. The Company also works with numerous technology partners around the world to offer RUaaS to their client base. “At Freeit, we are always looking for innovative ways to help our customers protect and manage their data. By partnering with Assured Data Protection, we can offer an enterprise-class service offering in a pay-as-you-go model that provides end-to-end encryption and data recovery, with immutable back-ups,” explains Wayne Orchid, President & CEO, Freeit Data Solutions.

Mr. Hayes believes that Assured is well poised to make data protection simpler and more efficient worldwide through its RUaaS approach to safeguarding an ever-increasing volume of data as businesses rapidly become more digital and global at the same time.

Assured Data Protection News

Assured Data Protection Named to CIO Review's Annual Top 20 List for Data Backup

Company Selected for Leading Role in Delivering Backup as a Managed Service

Herndon, VA -
Assured Data Protection, the prominent IT managed services provider for cloud data management solutions, announced that the Company has been selected for inclusion in the 5th Annual Guide to Backup Solutions published by CIO Review. Assured has been recognized by the editors for its role in delivering backup solutions as a managed service in the annual list of Top 20 vendors. Assured serves more than 250 global business clients with a “Rubrik-as-a-Service” (RUaaS) approach to handling data backup (BU) and disaster recovery (DR) on the Rubrik platform.

Companies are demanding more from their backup applications than ever before, commented the editors of the 2020 Twenty Most Promising Backup Solution Providers List. “Our selection panel has evaluated hundreds of backup solution providers and shortlisted the best vendors,” they added.

Stacy Hayes, Managing Director, Americas at Assured Data Protection explains how RUaaS enables IT executives to gain all the benefits of the Rubrik platform without the work and upfront capital expense. “Planning, implementation and ongoing management of a data backup and recovery solution can often require more time and resources than a typical IT department has in place,” he explains. “With RUaaS, IT directors enjoy all the advantages of a Rubrik-based world-class solution without the staff involvement and usually at a significant cost savings attributed to our pay as you go approach,” he adds.

The Company was recently recognized as the first Managed Service Provider (MSP) to be elevated as a Rubrik Authorized Support Partner (RASP) and gained the distinction of being selected by Solutions Review magazine as a Top 20 Vendor for data disaster recovery in August of this year.

Assured Data Protection Launches ProtectView Platform

ProtectView Enables Enterprises and Managed Service Providers to Monitor, Manage and Scale Rubrik Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Capabilities Across All Cloud and IT Infrastructures

Herndon VA, and Leeds, UK - Assured Data Protection, the prominent IT managed services provider for cloud data protection solutions, today announced the launch of ProtectView, a centralized platform that enables businesses to proactively manage their entire Rubrik estate to support real-time data protection, data backup and disaster recovery. ProtectView provides enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with real-time visibility of all Rubrik systems and assets across any cloud and on-premises IT infrastructures via a single management user interface.

Rubrik is a cloud-based data management solution that provides integrated backup, data protection and disaster recovery capabilities and functionality. ProtectView enables businesses to continuously monitor and manage their Rubrik operations and to quickly identify and resolve issues when they appear. It can be deployed instantly across on-premises, cloud and edge computing IT infrastructures to provide a fully automated service that supports data compliance, analytics and data management.

ProtectView’s automated processes helps to eliminate manual interventions, driving new efficiencies and freeing-up vital resources to address core IT responsibilities. Real-time reporting provides businesses with a granular view of their entire Rubrik estate. Based on a flexible pricing model, the scalable platform can operate on a single node or multiple-node Rubrik clusters depending on specific customer requirements.

Assured Data Protection has a strong heritage in providing backup and disaster recovery services to the enterprise. Its customers span a wide range of commercial segments including financial services, legal, pharmaceuticals and the public sector. The Company also holds the distinction of being the first and largest MSP of Rubrik cloud data management services. In addition, it was the first MSP to receive official Rubrik Authorized Support Partner (RASP) accreditation. ProtectView skillfully combines the Company’s data protection and managed service expertise with its in-depth knowledge of Rubrik.

ProtectView also provides the channel with a compelling new proposition. MSPs, resellers and distributors now have the opportunity to provide their channel partners with a dedicated Rubrik management platform. MSPs and other vendors can offer ProtectView as a managed service to help customers adopt Rubrik or scale their existing Rubrik operations.

Simon Chappell, CEO of Assured Data Protection, explained: “We’re committed to protecting people’s data; it’s in our DNA as individuals and as a business. ProtectView is part of our core managed service. It complements the Rubrik data plane management strategy and we’re delighted to have transformed ProtectView into a standalone proposition that is now available to the wider Rubrik community. What’s even more exciting is that we’ve only scratched the surface of what the platform is capable of. It’s constantly evolving and can be configured to support any number of enterprise functions.”

Wendy Bahr, Chief Commercial Officer at Rubrik, added: “Assured Data Protection is a trusted partner of ours and has been delivering Rubrik as a managed service for several years. We're excited to see them build on their success by launching the ProtectView platform which is a complementary service offered by Assured Data Protection and is compatible with our portfolio of solutions. It allows businesses to accelerate their Rubrik adoption and improve their data management and monitoring capabilities. Furthermore, the platform helps businesses manage their Rubrik estate and automate managed service capabilities."

Michael Labate, Director of Global IT at the Middelby Corporation, had the following to say about ProtectView and the difference it makes when it comes to managing data protection on a global scale: “With over 70 business subsidiaries, developing and delivering against a global standard for data protection and disaster recovery is a tall order. We leveraged our proven relationship with CDW to lead us to the team at Assured. The combination of Rubrik technology and Assured’s ProtectView platform gives us an infinitely scalable service delivery model that is strictly pay for use and gives us a single pane of glass to, at a glance, know exactly how every backup set under management is performing around the world.”

Assured Data Protection Partners with Confluera to Launch Managed XDR Service

Data Protection Specialist Partners with Confluera, a Leading XDR Provider, to Deliver Comprehensive Cloud Data Management Solution

Herndon, VA: Assured Data Protection, the prominent IT managed services provider (MSP) for cloud data protection solutions, today announced that it has entered into a global partnership agreement with Confluera, a leading provider of next generation detection and response solutions, to provide eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) as part of its established data protection service offering. The agreement enables Assured Data Protection to expand its cloud data management portfolio, drive engagement with new and existing customers, and create new channel opportunities for its MSP partners and other resellers.

Assured Data Protection, one of the largest MSP’s of Rubrik cloud data management service, has added XDR as-a-service to its suite of enterprise-grade data backup and recovery solutions. The new XDR service powered by Confluera, allows customers to address data breaches in real-time. The fully automated process identifies threats upon point of entry and tracks their progress before neutralizing them. It adds another layer of data protection and removes the need for IT teams to manually correlate historical data, saving considerable time and resources.

Confluera is expanding its growing partner program to accommodate new MSPs and provide them with advanced detection and response capabilities that accurately track and intercept threats. Most cyberattacks evade traditional endpoint security measures, resulting in breaches in the data center. Assured Data Protection’s solutions are already embedded inside the data center and can be easily configured to support the Confluera solution. The incorporated solution can now be delivered by Assured Data Protection and its MSP partners, expanding Confluera’s footprint across global markets.

For the XDR service, Assured Data Protection is extending the same level of sales and technical support it already provides to partners that have adopted its backup and recovery solutions. This includes everything from scoping and implementation to full sales and technical enablement.

Channel partners distribute and resell Assured Data Protection’s solutions as a service based on a flexible OPEX model, either as a co-branded product or as a white-labelled service.

Simon Chappell, CEO of Assured Data Protection, explained: “We’re data protection specialists and we see smart threat detection and response as an extension of our business. We live in the data center so we can add XDR capabilities seamlessly to provide customers with an all-encompassing solution that spans their entire IT and cloud infrastructure. The partnership with Confluera has allowed us to enhance our offering at a time when customers are looking to secure their businesses and streamline their data management processes. Our longer-term ambition is to become a hub for XDR services, but right now we have an opportunity to work closely with our MSP partners to create new data protection ecosystems that incorporate XDR.”

“Global demand for modern detection and response solutions has never been higher. We are excited to partner with Assured Data Protection to bring an unparalleled solution to market that combines the next generation technology with proven service expertise,” said Mukesh Singh, Vice President of Sales at Confluera. “We took a fresh approach to detection and response, one that is not limited by the error-prone and laborious task of correlating events after the incident has already occurred. Our patented technology builds the storyboard of an attack as it unfolds in real-time, enabling organizations to address the breach before it can do harm. The partnership with Assured Data Protection enables us to offer these benefits to our customers in a service footprint.”

Stuart Harper, Managing Director, Optec IT Solutions, explained: “We work closely with Assured Data Protection. Their structured processes and partner support dovetail nicely with our own operations. The specialized training, sales and technical support they provide have allowed us to ramp up our cloud data protection service offerings and introduce XDR into the mix. We’re able to integrate directly with them on key projects to maintain the highest levels of service delivery and customer support.”

Assured Data Protection

Herndon, VA

Stacy Hayes, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President

Assured Data Protection brings more than 100 years of industry experience in managing data backup (BU), disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity solutions as a managed service provider. The Company delivers tailored, outsourced BU and DR solutions based on the Rubrik cloud data management platform. “Rubrik as a Service” (RUaaS) meets individual client needs in an affordable and achievable manner and eliminates the complexity, expense and time typically needed to handle backup and recovery in-house. Assured supports enterprises with data needs ranging from 5TB to multiple petabytes across any number of sites, from on-premise private clouds to hybrid cloud approaches. For more information, visit

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