Top 10 Backup and Recovery Consulting/Service Companies - 2019

Data is a strategic business asset, and companies are compelled to allocate significant budgets to preserve and protect it. In today’s digital era of hyper-connectivity, ensuring data protection has, therefore, assumed vital business importance. These are a few evident in an intricate basket of business requirements enterprises have for their data backup and recovery.

Enterprises that still have onsite infrastructure are depending less on physical media for their backups, and hosting backups in the cloud. The cost of storing the physical media, storage, and transportation to offsite locations is fueling this shift.

DR is a challenging and complex undertaking, and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) can remove a lot of the heavy lifting out of implementing a DR solution. DRaaS will continue to be attractive to small and medium-sized businesses that cannot invest a lot of time or resources into building a comprehensive DR solution.

With the growth of replication, continuous backup, and failover, the trend calls for backup and DR to come together into a holistic strategy. Backup vendors have taken note and integrated backup and restore with application availability and disaster recovery for integral data protection.

CIOReview’s editorial board has collectively finalized on the list of organizations that are well-equipped with a team of professionals and proven consulting/ services to assist the seamless recovery and continuity of businesses in the event of a disaster. Based on market expertise and business prowess, the resultant list comprises the names of some of the best backup and recovery consulting/service companies such as Real IT Solutions--a firm delivering data backup and recovery services for small manufacturers that enables them to achieve business continuity. With many more such trailblazers we present to you – “10 Most Promising Backup and Recovery Consulting/Service Companies – 2019.”

    Top Backup and Recovery Consulting Companies

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    Founded in 1996, Binary Net is an integrated data center services provider. The company invests in highly credible technology infrastructure for supporting enterprises that are in need of keeping applications, data, and communications accessible and secure. The enterprise deploys various carriers for the Internet, uses redundant BGP routing, and uses best-path technology to ensure the fastest, efficient, and most absolute Internet route to the end-user with redundant fail-over. The company understands the business requires the appropriate applications and information that provide it a competitive advantage. The company specializes in Bandwidth, Web Hosting, Colocation, Backup Solutions, and VPS

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    Matthijssen Business Systems is a New Jersey company that works exclusively with small and mid-size firms and understands the challenges of today's high-tech environment. Since 1958, the company has been helping companies select, install, and upgrade office system equipment to take advantage of technological efficiencies. Starting from Network systems to office equipment, service, and training, they do it all. From helping companies gain remote access to information, speed inter-office communications, share data, integrate departments into a network or replace an old copier, Matthijssen's approach is the same: no preconceived ideas, no pushing product, and no grandiose schemes

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    Delivering data backup and recovery services for small manufacturers that enables them to achieve business continuity

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    RPTG has been serving customers nationwide since 2010, providing IT solutions and support such as LAN/WAN engineering and implementation, ERP software implementation, Infrastructure management, Backup/Disaster Recovery solutions, Remote monitoring/management, Oracle and SQL DBA services and staff augmentation. The company comprises experts and engineers who know the challenges that businesses like yours face and how to solve them with vendor-neutral, best-of-breed solutions tailored to address their client's specific business outcomes. It's always been the company's goal to provide enterprise-level IT practices and solutions without the pain of dealing with large technology providers. Their experience has allowed them to build and develop the infrastructure and business processes needed to keep our prices affordable, and our clients satisfied.

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    Ultimate Technical Solutions, Inc. (UTSI) is a dynamic IT services company that provides professional turn-key solutions to their clients. The foundation of UTSI's business approach is a corporate commitment to outstanding customer service. The company offers a full-service solutions approach to technology management, helping customers identify, plan, architect, and implement solutions to their IT challenges. It also provides hardware, software, and services, including consulting solutions in the broad areas of Technology, Application Systems, Data, Facilities, and Personnel. UTSI's Core Competencies include LAN/WAN Networking, Desktop Management, Security, Network Management Systems, Help Desk, and Wireless solutions

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    Established in 2009, Chrysalis MSP is a complete technology solution provider. The company makes sure that the business owners get the most credible and professional IT service in Houston. The custom service packages of the company provide what clients require and desire without crossing the boundaries of their budget. Chrysalis MSP provides expert support from cloud services to data backup. The company fulfills the critical requirement of small to medium-sized enterprises nationwide to have access to reliable, enterprise-class, and economical IT services, which is usually available only to giant corporations. Chrysalis MSP customizes information technology for small to medium-sized businesses

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    Fortitude Technology

    Fortitude Technology

    At Fortitude Technology, they believe that all companies, regardless of size, should have reliable, cost-effective access to their critical business systems. The company delivers cost-effective, flexible solutions that provide responsive and predictable levels of service for our customer's businesses. Customers of all sizes are benefiting from their cost-effective Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery and Managed Hosting solutions. The company also offers enterprise services to its clients to backup and recover their critical information and development content with both on- and off-premise options. With Fortitude Technology, the clients can expect a focus on being easy to do business with and developing and delivering solutions that are easy to use and have unquestioned reliability

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    Initially starting with Online Data Backup (Cloud Backup) and Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) services, Priorpoint has delivered a robust suite of cloud-based services for many years. Their Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery services offer highly secure, reliable backup and recovery solutions that satisfy a broad spectrum of customer needs. The company specializes in cloud backup, DRaaS, private/semi-private cloud hosting, and virtualization services. Priorpoint's cloud hosting solution is unique, and in that provision, they provide only private and semi-private clouds to ensure the client's privacy and security

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    Established in 2012, the company is a cloud solutions provider. SanApptX’s storage offers affordable, highly accessible solutions designed for scenarios ranging from backups and long-lasting storage to high-performance real-time applications. By utilizing commodity hardware and revolutionary software, the company empowers lower-cost storage that provides scalability, credibility, and performance. The enterprise has a broad product and services portfolio and offers unmatched strengths as an IT solution partner. SanApptX collaborates with companies to architect a storage solution that can accommodate to cutting-edge hardware and software capabilities, and scale seamlessly all while helping to minimize operating and capital expenses

  • 10 is a Managed Technology, Cybersecurity, and Cloud Solutions provider built to implement professional IT that pursues technical perfection while leading the way in business confidence. The company enhances its clients' strategic and business operational capabilities by providing mission-critical secure cloud infrastructure for businesses, capable of protecting sensitive data and brand reputations of corporate enterprises. Their infrastructure is built for security, compliance, performance, service, and cost-efficiency. They have a team of experienced, passionate and dedicated cloud security and IT experts ensure that the clients have proactive and empowered professionals with a proven track record of success focused on applying what they know to what your company needs